Spring Courses

BCHB-580 Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (3 Cr)

Edwards, Ross, Monday/Wednesday 1:30-3:00pm. Required.

BCHB-574 Bioinformatics Seminar Series II (1 Cr)

Edwards, Tuesday 12:00-1:00pm. Required.

BCHB-587 Bioinformatics Internship Proposal (0.75 Cr)

Edwards, Required.

BCHB-907 Bioinformatics Internship (0.25 Cr)

Edwards, Required (also offered in Summer).

BCHB-541 Structural Biology (2 Cr)

Vasudevan, Tuesday 9:45-11:45am. Suggested elective.

BCHB-599 Practical Applications: NGS Data Analysis (2 Cr)

Ross, Thursday 1:30p-3:30pm. Suggested elective.

BCHB-620 Bioinformatics Algorithms (1/2/3 Cr)

Edwards, TBA. Suggested elective.

SYSM-585 An Intro to Genomic Medicine (2 Cr)

Vasudevan, TBA(Online). Suggested elective.

SYSM-592 Cancer Bioinformatics (1 Cr)

Vasudevan, Tuesday 3:00-4:15pm. Suggested elective.

SYSM-594 Translational Bioinformatics (2 Cr)

Vasudevan, Monday 10:00-11:50am. Suggested elective.

SYSM-596 Clinical Metabolomics (2 Cr)

Cheema, Fornace, Thursday 10:15-12:00pm. Suggested elective.





Last Update: 8/30/2017