Internship Presentations

End-to-end solution for assay data management to support vaccine development

Elizabeth Zacharia

Mentor: Stephanie Mozley, Associate Director, Disease Biology & PharmaTox, Merck 

Date/Time: August 22nd, 2023 at 1pm.

Abstract: This abstract provides an overview of the ongoing end-to-end assay data management solution supporting the vaccine development pipeline. Immunogenicity assays can provide insights related to the immune response triggered by drugs and vaccines, allowing researchers to gain insights about side effects resulting in the optimization of vaccine development. The primary objective of this end-to-end solution will be to enable a 10x increase in vaccine bioanalytical capacity and throughput, and this solution has the potential to streamline processes and enhance the modernization of laboratories. While specific features remain confidential, the solution offers capabilities that would allow for greater efficiency in the execution and analysis of assays leading to reduced manual interventions and a more significant acceleration of research outcomes. The ongoing development will enable data-driven decisions for vaccines, biologics, and small molecules and elevate research capabilities within the vaccine development pipeline. The solution is in progress, and iterative improvements will continue to maximize its performance.

Summer 2023